Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

DataTAAG has the necessary resources and the requisite experience to help clients plan and deploy proper Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) measures. Our consultants meet with the stake holders of the business to understand their dependencies and identify areas of potential threats to the organization and the impact those threats may have on their business operations. Additionally, they identify, develop and provide a framework for building an effective response that safeguards the interests of your organization’s key stakeholders, brand reputation and other value-creating activities. We have a clear understanding of the limited budget allocated to BCP and DR and accordingly work towards cost-effective solutions whilst minimizing business risk.

These are some more areas where we offer our expertise:

  • Identification of management goals for BCP & DR.
  • Consulting with business units to identify their acceptable outage duration and reduce the outage risk and data loss.
  • Rating the risk areas as High, Medium & Low and developing corresponding plans to address High & Medium risks.
  • Identifying and validating mission-critical information, time-sensitive critical functions aligned with IT capabilities and providing a comprehensive survey of existing IT infrastructure.
  • Presenting budgetary information for each item within the BCP & DR proposal and cost-benefits analysis to senior stakeholders.
  • Maintaining a project management role throughout the planning, execution and deployment phases.
  • Establishing a documented and practical BCP & DR drill to support the response and management of business disruptions.
  • Definition and rollout of a roadmap to exercise and enhance business continuity capabilities.

DataTAAG business continuity and disaster recovery services are part of our integrated suite of solutions. The combination of our proven, tools-assisted analysis and engineering-led solutions help you mitigate risks with a comprehensive continuity strategy. Your data protection processes and systems will become increasingly reliable and easier to manage. We will help you achieve your service-level agreements and more importantly ensure sustained access to the data that supports and drives your business.

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