Data Center Services

Current trends in information technology infrastructure are increasingly towards cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. There is a clear need for optimal utilization of all Data Centre resources and exploiting available technology leading to new levels of savings, flexibility and performance.

DATATAAG offers a comprehensive set of enterprise-grade Data Center Services designed to accommodate rapid deployment and implementation from small to large, global IT initiatives in partnership with NetMagic, a leading Internet Data Center (IDC) & Managed Hosting provider in India and the United States of America. Our solutions are designed to provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) so that new infrastructure can be implemented as needed.

Many infrastructure projects require substantial upfront investment in capital goods and personnel. Our Infrastructure as a Service approach lets you leverage the DATA TAAG hosting framework on demand to meet your business needs.

The highly skilled members of the DATA TAAG team receive thorough on-going training equipping them to respond to your evolving needs. They possess multiple certifications offering methodical and integrated support to transform the data center of a modern business.

We offer four types of Data Center services to our customers,

  • Data Center Infrastructure Set-up: Raised Flooring, Air Flow & A/C System, Power Solutions, Bandwidth Solutions, Temperature Control Systems, Data Center Monitoring Systems
  • Internet Data Center and Managed Hosting
  • Co-location Services
  • Cloud Computing

Expert Services

Our team include experts of IT Infrastructure architects, techno commercial consultants, engineers and support staff each...
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We offer a portfolio of customer-centric and custom-made services and products to take your business to the next level.
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