Managed Security Services

DataTAAG offers the most advanced Managed Security Services available in the market today, combining consulting and professional services into a single managed solution. We have developed a proprietary security intelligence infrastructure that interfaces with multiple technologies, providing a proactive and holistic approach for defending your organization from sophisticated cyber threats.

Security products such as Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW), IDS/IPS, web application firewalls (WAF) and SIEMs must be properly provisioned, updated and patched to protect against internal and external threats. Policies, signatures and rules need to be updated and maintained to ensure accessibility and to comply with regulations and security best practices.

DataTAAG’s Managed Security Services provide organizations with full, hybrid or custom management solutions for traditional and virtual security devices. Our security solutions are customizable to your business needs and include assessments of your risk exposure, 24×7 monitoring of security events and breaches, and remediation steps prioritized according to your needs.

Our Approach

  • Identify Assets and Potential Threats
  • Understand the Current Protection Level
  • Detect Malicious Activities
  • Provide Threat Response
  • Recovery

Expert as Service

Our best-in-class experts are on call for you, whenever and wherever you need them. Our security expertise covers a wide range of knowledge, therefore we can offer you hands-on guidance and advice relevant to your specific requirements and aid in developing your security operations.

Let us help you improve staff efficiency and effectiveness. Our team of industry experts is up to date on the latest threats and current cyber security technologies. What’s more, in the event a major challenge arises that could affect your business, you are also covered by our best in class partners including CheckPoint, Palo Alto, Cisco, Fortinet and Symantec and more.

Vulnerability Management

You know the metaphor: Vulnerability scanning is a lot like a race. It’s you against a world of attackers, with everyone scrambling to reach your vulnerabilities first. Some security teams are equipped to keep pace in perpetuity. Many are not—and that’s okay. To the overwhelming balance of teams for whom the staff and skills needed to compete are out of reach, we’re here to level the playing field.

DataTAAG’s Managed Vulnerability Management team can help you quickly leverage your investments in vulnerability management platforms and increase productivity while saving time and money – by handling the operational requirements for you. Our Vulnerability Management Services also offer regular assessments and concise reporting, enabling higher productivity and saving you time and money.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Security risks to your business technology come in many different forms – cyber-attacks, ransomware, DDoS attacks, careless or disgruntled employees, just to name a few. Lack of awareness and preparation leave you vulnerable to events that can disrupt your business and cause financial, regulatory, legal and reputational damage. The first step in a holistic cyber security strategy is identifying and assessing weak points that increase your risk. Common sources include new cloud services, legacy technology, business process gaps, and potential human error.

DataTAAG’s security assessments are non-obtrusive to your business operations. Our main methods for data collection consists of interviews with technical and business executives, vulnerability scans and network penetration testing. The results will provide us with a fairly accurate understanding of your readiness and resilience against cyber risks. The findings are packaged into an independent Risk Assessment Report that provides you with the details on your most significant risk exposure, as well as the potential consequences of an attack. Your report will include recommendations on remediation steps customized for your business needs, available resources and risk goals.

Monitoring and Incident Response

As your business grows, your IT systems become more complex and will have exponentially more weaknesses that can be exploited. Detecting and sifting through the constant barrage of malicious threats crossing your network every hour is a reactive approach to dealing with threats. A proactive approach is needed to fully secure your business, and it begins with understanding the integrity of your infrastructure in real-time.

DataTAAG Cybersecurity Monitoring Services collect and analyze the data from security events and related intelligence in real-time. This enables you to respond to more immediate threats with greater agility without disrupting business operations.

DataTAAG Monitoring Services include security event management and correlation. DataTAAG CyberSecurity Operations Center (CSOC) identifies, communicates and escalates security incidents.

Remediation Services

DataTAAG Remediation services augment your IT team with several actions to secure your business in the event of an attack. This could be securing your systems, restoring backup data after a ransomware attack, containing and cleaning up infections or upgrading vulnerable systems & hardware.

We will be a proactive partner in managing threats and minimizing the financial and organizational impact the disruption will have on your business operations. By outsourcing cybersecurity projects, you free up your internal team to focus on your core competencies and the innovative projects that drive your business forward.

Managed Next-Generation firewall services

Many organizations are migrating to next-generation firewalls that incorporate intrusion detection and application-aware features. DataTAAG’s Next-Generation Firewall Management service extends the capability of your IT staff with certified and accredited firewall specialists.

Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) Services

Web applications are a target for hackers using attacks that bypass traditional network and host-based security technologies. It is essential for organizations to have application-layer security measures in place to protect Web applications as well as the underlying servers and databases that support them.

To help organizations defend their web applications, DataTAAG’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) Management service provides 24×7 management and real-time monitoring for Web application firewalls.

Managed IDS/IPS Services

Managing IDS and IPS devices require specialized skill sets because the devices are only effective if they are well tuned. IDS/IPS devices can generate thousands of alerts each day and can be prone to false positives, making it difficult to identify true threats and take timely action to protect assets. DataTAAG’s team of security experts provides comprehensive IDS/IPS patching, tuning, signature updates, and configuration changes.


We are experts in SIEM technology and have deployed SIEMs as part of some of the largest SOCs in the world. We can manage and administer your existing SIEM, build use cases and content and provide 24×7 monitoring.

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