A) Information and Storage Management

For every enterprise, digital information and forecasts of future storage needs; represent a challenge. Increasing demands for data storage and stringent regulatory requirements with regard to how data is stored are common issues posed by today’s changing environment. Therefore, it is vitally important for a company to develop, monitor and constantly upgrade its digital information management policy. This policy must address issues such as:

  • Mid- to High-end Storage Architectures (NAS, SAN, DAS)
  • Storage Tiering or Hierarchy
  • Tiered Backup & Recovery
  • Storage Replication & De-duplication
  • Records Management & Archiving
  • E-mail Archiving
  • Data & Information Protection

DataTAAG can offer a full range of solutions, products and services that can develop a cohesive and efficient information management policy, taking into account currently applicable infrastructure and investments and, crucially, anticipating future needs.

B) Big Data Management and Archiving

Organizations today have a hard time keeping up with the amount of data generated. The vast volumes this data may have once limited an organization’s ability to analyze it. However, the era of “Big Data” and the associated technology advances now make this more feasible.

DataTAAG has unrivalled experience, technology, and an integrated solution set that has proven effective in managing some of the world’s most demanding Big Data environments. Helping organizations store, manage and protect massive files and petabytes of data whatever its content.

C) Data Migration

Data migration is a key process of moving data between storage devices when adopting any new storage system. When undergoing a data migration, there are a number of common issues which crop up any of which can cause the migration to fail. These can be mitigated by careful planning and comprehensive testing prior to the migration project. Our Data Migration Services are designed to help companies with secure and efficient data migration.

Our data migration experts are capable of handling global migration projects. They will work closely with your organization to build data migration management and governance policies that comply with your business needs and allow you to achieve optimal results with minimum risk. Our team is used to working in critical and heterogeneous environments.

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