Enterprise Backup & Recovery

DataTAAG’s extensive experience in deploying Backup & Recovery systems provides us with the knowledge and expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our Professional Services team provides end-to-end capabilities for designing, architecting, implementing and managing solutions to ensure that data is protected, archived and always available.

Minimize the Risk of Data Loss or Disruption

An effective Backup & Recovery solution quickly restores file and application data in the event of network failure, data corruption or accidental deletion. This can be a mission-critical issue for organizations with retail inventory, financial operating and other systems.

Reduce the Possibility of Data Loss or Disruptions during Implementation

DataTAAG uses industry best practices to eliminate data loss or disruptions during upgrades or implementation of Backup & Recovery. By working with clients to prepare specific installation plans, the client’s staff enjoys uninterrupted access to the network.

Decrease the Operating Costs of Backup & Recovery

DataTAAG reduces a client’s time-to-value by providing subject matter experts and reducing the operating costs of Backup & Recovery. In addition, DataTAAG can reduce costs and complexity by deploying native, integrated de-duplication at the source.

Buy the Best Technical Solution

DataTAAG only works with the best Backup & Recovery technical providers in the industry. Our software for data recovery enables more efficient backups and faster restores of virtual environments through deep multi hypervisor integration. We manage both physical and virtual servers and multiple Backup & Recovery products through one console. We also ensure rapid and easy recovery of critical applications and backup data.

Insist on Detailed Quantitative Analysis

An effective Backup & Recovery solution provides quantitative assessments that help identify problems and bottlenecks as well as measure performance. These success metrics are invaluable in guiding corrective actions, solving issues and strengthening the Backup & Recovery process.

Choose an Experienced Partner like DataTAAG

  • Offers 1st and 2nd line support of Backup & Recovery operations
  • Partners with the industry’s leading vendors
  • Works with clients to ensure their staff is fully trained
  • Only partner to hold Data Protection Specialization for multi hypervisor protection
  • Only Acronis partner in ME capable of offering 1st and 2nd level support
  • Has managed up to many data centres for a single client

Consider a Managed Services Option

DataTAAG Managed Services offers the full operation of an organization’s global Backup & Recovery environment and includes,

  • Monitoring and remediating backup integrity for entire ME, 24×7
  • Providing data recovery services in the event of data loss
  • Performing monthly restore audits and retention tests
  • Participating in disaster recovery testing
  • Managing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and reporting on performance
  • Identifying and implementing efficiencies and cost-saving processes
  • Identifying opportunities to deploy new technology to further reduce costs
  • Customizing reporting to each client’s needs

DataTAAG Managed Services give clients the assurance that data is protected and accessible while allowing critical IT resources to focus on what makes the business unique.

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