Enterprise Business Continuity & DR Solutions

As businesses become more and more competitive, the pressure on being able to meet customer standards and regulatory mandates increases multifold. Compliances such as BASEL II, HIPAA, and SOX are being recommended and emphasized as a global phenomenon and businesses in no country can afford to overlook these mandates.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is today a science and has evolved as a major component of business strategy and the sooner one accepts it, the faster one would become resilient and be prepared for a better tomorrow. With data capacities growing faster than ever before, storage capacity planning and data management are now common challenges for IT executives.

Our Business Continuity Plan is designed to help our customers to recover and resume business operations in the event of a significant business disruption and we achieve these BCP for our customers by

  • Eliminating Vendor lock-in with Storage Virtualization.
  • Ensuring that our customers achieve 99.999% uptime with Stretched Clusters.
  • Migrating Data seamlessly between tiers to minimize costs
  • Implementing Solutions to ensure no loss to productivity even after a storage or network failure.
  • Recovering Systems in matter of minutes.

Why DataTAAG?

  • PIONEERS IN ME – We bring collective experience and expertise thus making us better enabled than most others
  • ONE STOP SHOP – Consulting & Auditing Services, IT DR Solution Design & Implementation, DR Centre Services – WAR, Data Vaulting, DR Site Management across industries
  • FLEXIBILITY AND SCALABILITY – Dedicated, Syndicated, or Hybrid model to ensure Best Fit solution – Cost vs. Benefit Match

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Human error, hardware faults, malicious acts or site disasters can have a devastating impact on your business.The London Chamber of Commerce identifies the risks associated with not having DR in place. They anticipate that:

  • 90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to close within two years of the disaster.
  • 80% of businesses without a well-structured recovery plan are forced to close within 12 months of a flood or fire.
  • 43% of companies experiencing disasters never recover.
  • 50% of companies experiencing a computer outage will be forced to shut within five years.
  • We at DataTAAG, assist our customers to adapt the next generation DR policies. That is to shift them from Tape Backup to HA & Automated DR.


  • Business data and critical systems are continuously protected
  • A single solution capable of providing local or remote data protection for physical or virtual servers
  • Replicate key data offsite without the need for additional bandwidth or identical hardware
  • Automatically recover a failed system to a virtual environment or different hardware
  • Test a disaster recovery plan without impacting business operations
  • Protect appliances and data without impacting servers or the SAN

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