Enterprise Database Virtualization

Certain gaps threaten to derail the notion of a supremely automated IT infrastructure. One of these is a convenient, secure way to leverage the highest-value information owned by a company: typically, its customer and product databases.

In most companies, databases get copied more often than you may realize. Developers need database copies for dev and test, and with internal app dev operations of any size, that may mean several copies. Plus, you need database copies for offline, processing-intensive applications such as business intelligence to avoid slowing the production database to a crawl.

DataTAAG provides a database virtualization platform that enables customers to create virtual copies that require a fraction of the storage space and human labor that full, conventional copies demand.

DataTAAG database virtualisation creates on-demand copies of production databases in 1/100th the space and 1/100th the time required for traditional database copies. Without database virtualisation, the typical enterprise database (e.g. the transactions database under an e-commerce webapp) is copied anywhere from eight to ten times for development, testing, certification, reporting, and other purposes. Each of these copies fully duplicates the storage, bogs down networks during transfer, and causes delays while developers and ultimately users wait. When these copies are refreshed, the process repeats completely.

If a copy needs to be restored to an earlier state, the data must be recovered from backup (frequently tape) and reconfigured, often taking weeks. In short, managing copies of large databases is a painful, slow, and expensive process that delays projects, hurts application quality, and frustrates everyone involved. Using database virtualisation to make and manage copies eliminates this time, cost, and effort.

Database virtualisation powered Oracle and Microsoft databases can be created in minutes, require almost no storage, and can be automatically refreshed or rolled back, quickly and easily. Database virtualisation introduces significant new agility to the data layer, without reducing any functionality – application developers and users accessing these databases see no change in functionality. Their apps continue to query the same database server as before.

Database virtualisation enabled DBAs no longer waste time making copies, instead focusing on high-value work. Database virtualisation enabled developers don’t waste time waiting for updates to databases or begging for additional environments, instead focusing on writing better code. Database virtualisation enabled testers don’t lose days waiting for test databases to be restored to earlier points and don’t miss bugs because of incomplete test data, instead focusing on getting the highest quality code into production, sooner.

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