Enterprise Storage & Server Solutions

DataTAAG has built an excellent reputation with their expertize for many years by delivering Server & Storage Solutions that meet the needs of our client base. We works with our clients to understand their specific long-term needs and delivers solutions that are architected to meet those requirements. DataTAAG has developed strong, trusted partnerships with the industry’s leading hardware vendors and most-respected global IT companies.

DataTAAG’s approach is to partner with the best so that it can provide a best-practice, unbiased approach for our clients.

We Develop the Data Management Solution that’s Right for Your Organization

Because DataTAAG’s primary focus has always been our clients, not our technology partners, we are able to help organizations develop Data Management solutions that are unique to their needs. As an independent subject matter expert, we are able to provide an external perspective based on years of experience and a deep knowledge of relevant technology. DataTAAG’s engagement model includes the development of a blueprint for future growth and consolidation and experienced hardware support backed by Service Level Agreements.

Assess the Total Cost of Ownership

Storage and servers are over-provisioned by most IT departments by 50% and a DataTAAG’s Storage Assessment helps reclaim storage and processing power. It’s a deployment policy review as well as an infrastructure review for servers and storage; it also recommends best practices. It can help defer CAPEX by freeing up storage for reallocation, reduce OPEX through the development of sound policies, rationalize the choice of storage management tools and reduce the data centre carbon footprint by consolidating servers.

Benefit from an External Perspective

An external perspective on an organization’s Storage & Server needs can reduce operational costs for sourcing and maintaining hardware. It can help the Data Management team manage burgeoning demands from the organization for more storage. It can also help address concerns over legislative compliance on data retention as well as develop strategies for data Backup & Retention. All can be completed without needing to extend the IT budget unnecessarily.

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