Enterprise Virtualization

DataTAAG is a VMware, Red Hat Enterprise & Microsoft Virtualization partner with specialists in every field of virtualization. DataTAAG prides itself in truly understanding and delivering virtualization solutions and products. With our qualified consultants and engineers, we are well positioned to visit your business, understand your needs and design a solution that will address those needs, whilst saving you time and money, and decreasing your carbon footprint.

According to IDC

  • Average server utilization is less than 10%.
  • 50¢ is spent to power & cool servers for every $1 in server spending today; this will increase to 70¢ by 2010.
  • Constructing a new data center costs approximately $1,000 per square foot. This is $40,000 per rack or $2,400 for a typical server.

Server Consolidation by Virtualization

We assist our customers to save Capital, energy & floor space by consolidating multiple workloads onto fewer physical servers.Server virtualization increases the CPU utilization rates and cut down costs, but it also helps you to achieve the flexibility to pursue competitive advantage. That is to reinvest the savings to support new services and improve the existing ICT offerings in your organization.

  • Desktops can be set up in minutes, not hours.
  • Client PCs are more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional desktop computers
  • Costs are reduced due to a fewer tech support issues
  • Compatibility issues, especially with single-user software, are lessened

We assist our customers starting with a Proper Capacity Planning of the Servers and Shared Storage Infrastructure and then design, propose and implement the best solution to our customers.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI

When an organization grows in terms of the number of IT users, the scope of its technical and network needs also grow rapidly. Something as simple as applying the latest OS patches, or ensuring up-to-date Anti-virus definitions, can quickly turn into a tedious task when it has to be performed on the hundreds of computers within your organization. A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) Solution allows your company’s ICT Team to centrally manage client PCs leading to a mutually beneficial experience for both end-users and IT admins.

Storage Virtualization

The biggest storage challenges today are the same as before:

  • Data Loss and Security
  • Insufficient resources for important applications
  • Limited budgets
  • Lack of Disaster Recovery (DR) planning
  • Poor management tools.

As data storage continues to grow, so to do the problems of efficient storage management, cost effective use, and growth. This issue has led to the adoption of storage virtualization to improve resource use, reduce costs and ease management overheads.

The technique is to consolidate many storage systems into a storage resource pool and then manage them as a single entity.

We have partnered with FalconStor, one of the world‘s leading storage virtualization software solutions. Fitting into existing heterogeneous storage environments, it enables an easy transition of disparate and complex storage operations to a much more cost-effective and fully consolidated storage virtualization infrastructure. It eliminates storage boundaries and vendor lock-in, providing functionalities such as fast and easy data provisioning, mirroring, migration, snapshots, and WAN-optimized replication.

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